Customer Testimonials

While planning our honeymoon to Tuscany I was looking for a wine case I could buy for the trip to bring back more wines safely and securely utilizing our free checked bag allowance and save on shipping. My research turned up VingardeValise®, I could not find anything like it or priced as competitively, so I bought one. The case easily fits 12 regular sized wine bottles and keeps they safe and snug (from Knicks and external temperature) in plenty of foam padding. When full the case easily comes in below the maximum 50lb checked bag weight. The case inserts are also modular so you can carry less than 12 bottles and pack clothes etc. in the rest, so ideal for taking your wine for weekends away too! I love this case and can’t wait for my next trip and to use it again. Highly recommended!

Jamie F.

Just back home from a fantastic holiday in Tuscany, and this time I was able to bring a good selection of our favorite wines back with us, thanks to my VingardeValise®. This was the first time I used my VGV®, and I love it. It’s well made, and most importantly brought my wines safely home! Highly recommend to all wine lovers. Can’t wait for our next trip!

Jamie F.

Just received our VinGardeValise® yesterday! It looks awesome!


Wheels are never covered by the airlines but the suitcase really does stand up to a lot. We played around with it, dropping it, doing things like that and it came through with flying colours. We’ve used it to ship back wines on planes and have never had a bottle break!

Happy Customer

I can not praise using VinGardeValise® enough. Check out our video testimonial

Lori B.

After struggling with taking wine on trips and returning with the spoils of a trip, I finally decided to break down and purchase a purpose built wine case. I chose this one because it is thoughtfully designed, rugged, and priced right. There are some that are less expensive but a lot harder to lug around. Every hard case carrier that I have seen costs a lot more. Those of you that have had wine shipped home from across an ocean know that the shipping costs for a case are equal to or greater than the cost of this case. This is the answer for me. Two trips and it has paid for itself and I bet I will get a lot more than two trips out of it.

Michael O.

Just received my wine suitcase today. I’m so impressed! I love it.

Cheryl L.

I got it! I love it! Check out my video.

Parish M.

The VinGardeValise® is easily the most aesthetic and user friendly wine travel carrier on the market. Easy to use, fantastic design and I don’t feel so out of place with the industrial looking alternatives. I couldn’t be happier.

Matt N.

I cannot tell how much I appreciate your attention, it’s the kind of dedication to your business that makes me want to work with you even more.

Marcio A.

Thank you VinGardeValise®! The case, filled with 12 bottles, weighed in well under 50 pounds. My wines arrived at my final destination safe and sound. I’ll be using the case again soon!

Karen C.

I received the new VGV® you sent me a few days ago, and it is in perfect condition.  I also figured out what my confusion was with the insert.  I am sending back 2 cartons to you: the first VGV® you sent (with the damaged insert), and the second insert you sent afterwards.  They obviously do not fit together in the same box.  Thank you very much for correcting my problem.  You are a man of your word, and I will certainly recommend your product to my friends.  I look forward to receiving the magnum insert, when they are ready.

Tony P.

Thanks for the prompt shipment. This is a great product, and we are excited to take it with us to France. Good luck with your business!

Austin G.

Seems like I finally found the wine luggage I have been looking forward.  Just saw your movie on the website and looks amazing.

Ricardo C.

I live in Phoenix, AZ and recently used my new VinGardeValise® on trips to Paris, France and Austin, Texas. If I was rating this like a wine, it would have to be a perfect 100! Bold, I know, but absolutely deserving of the score! Yes, there are cheaper wine luggage options, but remember, you get what you pay for…and they are clumsy. Yes, there are more expensive options, but to me they look bulky and unwieldy. The VGV® is beautifully designed. The ease with which I rolled my case of wine through Charles de Gaulle Airport was astounding. I packed in the following: 3 Champagne, 4 Burgundy, 2 Bordeaux and 3 Rose’s. Fit like a glove! Beautiful. I had the same result on my Austin trip. Barry has thoughtfully designed the perfect wine luggage. I almost purchased something else until I saw a blurb in Wine Spectator…for me, that justified the WS subscription price right there! Believe me now (and buy it later!) DO NOT waste time looking at any other wine luggage. Save yourself some time and just buy the VinGardeValise®…now!

Jeff S.